Sunday, November 21, 2010

Conceled Carry Class

I will be hosting a Texas Concealed Handgun License class on Saturday Dec. the 4th.  The class will start at 8 am and go till 6 or 6:30pm.  Classroom time will be in San Angelo, range time will be at San Angelo Gun Range.  Lunch will be provided as well as snacks and drinks.

What you need for the class
Handgun of .32 cal or larger. (If you need I will supply a handgun)
50 rounds of ammo.
Eye and ear protection.

Please let me know ahead of time if you want to use one of my handguns so we can arrange to get ammunition.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Class

The first CHL class is scheduled for August 7 there is still room it the class if you are intrested.  It will be held at my house so if you are intrested please call me for directions to the house.  It will be a one day class with lunch provided.  We will start a 8 AM and get done around 6:30 PM.

For more information please call (325)234-7180


Stephen Jones

Concealed Handgun License

I just spent 5 days in the great town of Georgetown taking a Certified Concealed Handgun License Instructor class. It is a 36hr class taught by DPS officers to show us how to teach the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) class. I am really looking forward to teaching people all that I learned in the class. They are just lucky that it is only a 10 hour class that they get instead of the full 36hr class that I got to sit through. I am going to start with only teaching classes when I can get enough people together. Later on I will start having scheduled classes. On top of the CHL classes I will also offer beginner handgun classes on up to more advanced classes. Tactical training, trouble shooting, shooting while moving, advanced concealed carry methods and more. In the future I also plan on starting Rifle and Shotgun classes.

If there is any question just let me know, whether it is about scheduling a special class or training.
I have been looking forward to being an instructor for many years now so if I can help you in any way please ask.

Stephen Jones

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Future Plans

Sometime it the future (hopefully in the near future) I would like to start my own business. Specializing in tactical shooting, home defense, concealed carry, long range shooting and anything else having to do with that subject. I am not real sure where to start. I what to be NRA certified to teach all of the above plus some. I also am trying to get licensed by the state of Texas to teach the concealed carry course. They only teach the instructors course once a year. That is in June so I have some time to get some of my NRA certification out of the way while I am waiting for June to roll around. I am hoping to have a traveling concealed carry course, and a basic handgun course all rolled in to one 2 day course with more courses available. At this time I don't have all the equipment that I want to, but I hope to have most of it by, if not before the time I get my Instructors license. At this time all I have that I can teach with is my 1911 Kimber which is what I will be teaching my handgun courses with. I would like to get a Rem. 870 Express 12 Ga. To teach a home defense course and tactical shooting course along with 3 gun competition . I am also hunting an AR 15 or some variant I don't really care what kind of AR but it is a good platform to start shooting with since the 5.556 round is a good lightweight round. I am also wanting to start a submachine course. (but a good H-K MP 5 runs about 19 thousand dollars right now and an uzi cost about 9 grand) I would also like to by a place to put a tactical range and regular handgun range in. I am also thinking about buying some old house that the floor is still in decent shape on and making a tactical course. Utilizing paint ball guns in close quarter combat with another armed opponent with out getting seriously injured. Well that is all I can think about now, I will try to post more often.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Click on the picture for full picture.

Anyone want to play a game? The only prize is the joy of being right.

Can anyone identify this brand and model of rifle?

Caliber is extra points.

Scope does not count because I dont know what kind it is.

Have fun.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got to start somewhere

I had to start somewhere so I will start with posting about my Kimber Custom 2. It is a 1911 style .45acp auto loading handgun. It comes standard with rubber grips, match grade barrel, internal extractor, match trigger set to 4.5 lbs. a polished feed ramp and a combat hammer. From the factory it comes with one 7 round mag, A plastic take down tool, manual, and of course the high dollar cable lock.

The Kimber is a very reliable semi automatic handgun. I have about 1500 rounds in mine so far and very few problems so far. The ones I have had have mostly been my fault. In the first 300 or so rounds there were no problems. After that I bought some Wolf ammo(high dollar stuff) and after about 40 round I had my first malfunction. The dirty chamber did not let the casing extract and tried to load the next round. After clearing that I did not have any problems for about another 400 round when I started to use a cheap magazine that I got at a pawn shop just to see if it would feed. It was a cheap 7 rd S/S mag that I had to smooth up the side where it was not properly finished. The mag worked fine for about 75-100 rounds then it locked open with 1 round left in the mag. Since then I have used it many times and never had a problem since then. I also have the 7 rd mag that the Kimber came with another 8 round Kimber and a 8rd chip McCormick Shooting Star mag. The Shooting Star mag is in my opinion is the best.

So far I have used almost any kind of cheap ammo that you can get. They all feed fine if it is clean. Or at least cleanish. The Wolf is a VERY dirty ammo.

As far as accuracy it can shoot MUCH better than I can. It can easy put 5 round in 1.5 in at 25 yds but most of the time I cannot shoot that good. At 50 yd it starts to spread out a lot making it hard to hit a 5 gallon bucket at about 65 yard.

Well I guess that is all for now maybe later I will post about my holster that I like for it.


Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Me again Harry the Hog dog......oh wait that was something else

Well I finally got a blog. I might not blog much but will write gun, knife, holster and other stuff reviews.